Jamie Blake, AAC2
Owner/Director, Principal Dance Instructor


Hailing from Sudbury Ontario, Jamie Blake is a young and upcoming dance guru. 

At the age of 26, her remarkable accomplishments in the area of dance are sure to impress even the most particular of dancers. 


Jamie is in the process of obtaining her teaching certification through TTS with Dance Masters of America, the oldest and most prestigious dance organization in North America.

As well, she has completed both Acrobatic Arts modules and is Acrobatic Arts certified.(AAC2)


Jamie has won several scholarships that include the Paris Summer Dance Tour as well as the Hollywood Summer Tour where she was invited to demonstrate her skills in a music video. Jamie was also invited to represent Canada at the Dance World Cup 2011.


Having worked with many large names in the dance industry, Jamie has acquired the leadership and interactive skills required in order to provide dancers with a positive learning environment. 

The choreographers and dancers that she has had the blessing to work with include: Tara-Jean Popowich, Jayme-Rae Daley, Shane Sparks, Mia Micheals, Twitch Boss, Ade Obayomi, Menina Fortunato, Brandon Bryant, Blake Mcgrath, Tyce Diorio, Brian Friedman, Everett Smith, Vincent Desjardins, Sara Von Gillern, Amanda Cleghorn, Melissa Mitro, Kevin Howe, Tyger B. and more. 


Throughout her growing years as a rising star, Jamie has acquired a plethora of awards and overall high scores. This girl is not lacking any diversity in dance types. Now as an instructor, her award winning choreography has been recognized throughout many competitions across Ontario.


She has participated in a workshop that included members of the National Ballet of Canada and continues to attend dance workshops and seminars in order to stay in tune with the most recent, up and coming dance styles and moves.  


Being an active member of the community of Sudbury, Jamie danced as an entertainment piece for the Ontario Summer Games 2010. 



Having dedicated her life to dancing, Jamie lives and breathes dance daily. Having the opportunity to learn and work with such an accomplished young dancer is surely not a chance to be missed. 

Wendy Blake


Acting as a support system for Jamie throughout her dancing years, Wendy knows more than a thing or two about dancing. Having attended various dance workshops and competitions with her daughter throughout the years, she has acquired an adequate knowledge about how the dance world functions. 


Wendy has had the privilege of speaking with a multitude of the worlds best star dancers in order to gain insight on the latest trends and dance styles. Bringing her twenty-five years of customer service knowledge to the table, she wields exceptional social skills of a personable and friendly nature. In the past, Wendy successfully owned and operated a local business for a period of eight years. 


Aside from the skills and assets mentioned above, Wendy is a loving mother who has enjoyed watching her daughter transform into the incredible dancer that she is today. 

Brittany Cashubec,ARAD
Dance Instructor

As an excellent addition to the Spotlight Dance Company staff comes another motivated and experienced dance teacher. Brittany is a 24-year-old dance instructor from Barrie who has trained in many different styles and methods, such as the following: RAD ballet, ISTD tap, ISTD modern, and CDTA jazz. Brittany grew up training in the listed core disciplines, and has received exceptional grades by various examiners from both North America and Europe.


Having been trained with a strong ballet background, Brittany had completed and strongly achieved her Advanced 2 vocational ballet examination, which has given her the opportunity of receiving the honourable title as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Dance (ARAD).


Brittany’s tap expertise comes from years of studying the ISTD syllabus with successfully acquiring Advanced 2. Recently, she has also begun one-on-one sessions with Everett Smith from Bringing Tap Back, a So You Think You Can Dance Canada finalist. To keep up with today’s most recent tap trends, she will continue to train one-on-one with Everett at the start of every new season.


In addition, Brittany has successfully obtained her first year teaching certification through TTS with Dance Masters of America, the oldest and most prestigious dance organization in North America, where she learned about proper safety, training, and teaching skills in the dance classroom for numerous styles.


Having previously been a teaching assistant, she has evolved into an exceptional dance teacher with several years experience and counting. From one year to the next, Brittany’s teaching skills continue to evolve. This humble young lady continues to be recognized and awarded for her choreography, training, and creativity by reputable judges in the dance industry… thus this young protégé is sure to impress far beyond her young age with her positive, dedicated, and proper teaching attitude and superior dance skills.

Jessica McEwan
Tumbling Coach


Jessica is a 28 year old Laurentian University student with an agglomeration of certifications specializing in different areas. Her certifications include: level 1-2 Womens and Mens artistic gymnastics, trampoline level 1, risk management, first aid & CPR as well as her pro personal trainer certification. Having completed her fourth year of her undergraduate degree in Sports and Physical Education, Jessica has a thorough understanding of the bodies physical capabilities and acts accordingly in a practice setting.

Jessica has received medals at both NOSSA and OFSSA levels for high school gymnastics. This young source of talent has competed at a provincial level 7 for artistic gymnastics in which she qualified for provincial championships and the Ontario cup.

To add to the accomplishments mentioned previously, Jessica was a member of the 2010 Ontario Tumbling team. She placed 2nd in the individual finals and 1st in the team finals for Tumbling. This young and bright addition to our already superior staff is sure to enhance any young individuals learning experience.

Holley Weitzel, Oct
Dance Instructor


Another member of the stellar Spotlight Dance staff is Hollie-Jayne Weitzeleau. This accomplished dancer received her certification to teach ballet from internationally recognized Dance Masters of America situated in Buffalo, New York.   This is one of the oldest and most prestigious dance organization in North America.


In addition, Holley is certified to teach all three levels of hip hop, lyrical, modern, musical theatre, jazz and tap. 


This exceptional and talented teacher has attended a minimum of three major dance workshops yearly, and has had to pleasure of working with well known dancers and choreographers such as Twitch, Ian Eastwood, NappyTabs, Luther Brown, Miles Faber, Blake Mcgrath, Arassay Reyes, JoJo Dancer and Louise Hradsky. 


In addition, Holley is certified to teach acrobatics through Acrobatic Arts.


In her younger dancing years, Holley-Jayne earned a diploma in Performing Arts from Harbour Dance Academy in Vancouver, British Columbia, a well deserved diploma exhibited by awards received in high school competitions such as “Best Choreography,” and “Outstanding Performance.” 

Jessica Running, ARAD, RAD RTS, ISTD
Examinations Instructor

Jessica is a contract teacher who will be training students preparing for ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance. She is a registered teacher with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and the Royal Academy of Dance, both internationally recognized organizations.

Jessica has achieved advanced standings with various organizations in the disciplines of Jazz, Modern, Tap and Ballet. She looks forward to helping students set goals and gain achievements. 

Ashley Lavigne
Dance Instructor

Ashley Lavigne is a 19 year old Laurentian University student whose spent the past 15 years immersed in dance. From a young age she fell in love with the art spending countless hours training in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, acro, modern and contemporary.

In addition to regular training, Ashley attended numerous dance conventions and workshops such as Jump, Pulse, Off the Charts, On the Floor and many more. 

At the age of twelve, this young dancer was invited to participate in the Fresh Dance Intensive self choreographed dance challenge for a solo that she had choreographed. Throughout her competitive dancing years, Ashley was awarded with many overalls, receiving dancer of the year at 5678 Showtime in 2013.

To enrich her dance training, Ashley attended the dance performing arts program at Sudbury Secondary School. During this time, she had the opportunity to perform on numerous occasions, as well as to choreograph for herself and her peers.

Currently she is a member of the Laurentian University Dance Pack. Ashley is thrilled to be able to share her love of dance with our young dancers.

We are very excited to have as part of our teaching staff!